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Orostachys furusei

Dunce Cap

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Orostachys furusei – Lavender-gray porcelain rosettes grow about one to two inches tall and slowly form an exquisite mat. Late summer or autumn the “dunce caps” arrive shooting up from the centers of mature plants. Often pinker at the base, these cone-shaped floral structures up to five inches high produce tiny chartreuse-yellow to beige flowers sporting burnished red to red-orange anthers. Underutilized and beautiful, Orostachys furusei is not seen often enough in our rock gardens, succulent and cacti gardens, window boxes and troughs. An ignored gem, dudes. Full sun in impoverished to average gritty soils that drain. Pot grown from offsets.


1-2 in


1-2 in


Chartreuse, Soft Yellow
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OROFUR Orostachys furusei (2.5 inch Square Extra Deep – 9.5 fluid ounces / 280 ml.) $8.00

Characteristics and Attributes for Orostachys furusei

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / Autumn


  • Full Sun


  • Drought Tolerant
  • Edging
  • Potted Plant
  • Rock Garden
  • Small / Miniature
  • Trough

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Sandy
  • Draining
  • Calcareous
  • Impoverished
  • Scrabbled
  • Average


  • Japan

Propagated By

  • Division