On Site Sales

Hi Folks,

We are a mail-order entity. We encourage customers to place your order on line through the website. You may pick up your plants on site if that is an option for you.

Please note: we discourage on site sales. We are a small nursery with too few hands on board; in that, we cannot spare an employee to be with you to answer questions regarding plants of interest. All available plants that appear in the catalog have this information. Also, many of our plants are newly potted and/or stock plants and not available for sale. These are mixed in with available plants which only adds to confusion.

Should you live near enough and wish to avoid S&H charges then:

1) Please place your order on line.

2) Use the "pay by check" option in Payment Information on the Shipping & Billing page (part 2 of the 4-part order process.)

3) Ignore the S&H charge as you will be paying only for plants that you will procure at our nursery. If you are a Connecticut resident you must also pay CT state sales tax. You may mail us the check for the plant total OR if you prefer to pay by credit card call us at (860) 779-1732 with your credit card at the ready. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. Next:

4) Call us or email us at wayne@quackingrassnursery.com to set up an appointment when you are able to pick up your plants. We will have collected them, readied them for pick up.

So that no one is inconvenienced it is prerequisite that we set up a mutually agreeable time in which to meet. Please do not arrive unannounced and expect service. If I am attending a customer who has made an appointment you will be unattended. It is also possible that we may be in the midst of a project that cannot be abandoned midstream.

Thank you for your kind attention and understanding.