Ordering, Care and Pricing


MINIMUM ORDER: We do not have a minimum plant order requirement.

PAYMENT: We accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card and Discover), personal checks and money orders. We do not accept American Express. Your card will be charged when we process your order. This will guarantee set aside of the plants you want. No plants will be shipped until personal checks have cleared in the bank. We will ship no plants until full payment is received.

  • Our shopping cart is a secure on-line method to procure your plants. Your credit card information is not stored on our website. This information is immediately and directly funneled to the credit card processing bank.
  • In the ordering process of Shipping and Billing (#2) you have the option to pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) or you may snail mail a personal check or a money order to us. Just click on the option you prefer and follow all instructions. Our snail mail address is:

                       Quackin' Grass Nursery

                       16 Laurel Hill Road

                       Brooklyn, CT 06234

  • NEVER email an order to us with your credit card information. Your protection against those who "phish" for personal information is of utmost importance to us - both for your safety and our ability to remain as a credible and viable on line presence. Though we have strong protections in place there are some who are criminally bent to cause all manner of mayhem; awareness and caution  are strong first steps in protection of both customer and business.
  • You will receive e mail verification of your order. It would be wise policy that you print and keep a copy of your order. We strongly recommend that you do so. In this way there will be less chance for slipped memory and discrepancies.

  • We require one week notification before shipping date for changes to your plant order. Canceled orders may incur a restocking fee of up $10; this is to cover in-office materials such as toner, paper copies of orders, envelope and stamp to return your cancellation in check form; this fee will help to cover the credit card processing fees which we pay for each and every transaction; this fee will also cover returning selected plant(s) to their growing area; finally, this fee will help to cover a prepared but wasted box with attached stickers should it have been formed prior to the cancellation demand. Please understand: all these cost us money and require much more time than a cancellation fee which can range between $5 and $10 depending upon where we are in satisfying your order will come close to covering.

  • We are short-staffed and are rarely around the telephone. We encourage email contact. And please - if you are seeking a particular plant that is not in the catalog it is simply not available; contacting us will not chage that status. If you are looking for landscaping advice please contact a landscape gardener. If you are seeking cultural advice please use a search engine. We are stretched thin and cannot be your personal library. We ask to be treated considerately and respectfully.


Prices may change without notice. In other words prices may fluctuate due to any number of influencing market factors. Any and all changes will be reflected in the on-line catalog when we update.


Upon receipt of your plants immediately, carefully and gently unpack them. Water them well (unless they are cacti. In this case place them in morning sun and keep them completely dry until time of planting.) If your plants cannot be planted expeditiously then tend to them with care: place them in an upright position in a shady situation. If frosts are still possible in your area place them in a sheltered, frost-free environment. As they are living things never allow them to languish. Check your plants daily and water when needed until such time they can be planted. Obviously, the sooner they are planted the better your result will be.

Bare root Hemerocallis (Daylilies) upon receipt should be set in a bucket of water for 30 minutes, no longer than 1 hour prior to planting. They should then be potted or planted directly in the garden and watered well when set in the ground. Bare root bulbs should be potted immediately, generally in a light mix then watered.

It is your responsibility to know the cultural needs for all your purchases and essential for all potted and/or any bare rooted plants (bulbs, Hemerocallis); for instance, Acorus can withstand constantly damp conditions and is content in full sun to part shade; Iris germanica rhizomes will likely rot if kept too damp for an extended period - these perennials are sun loving, etc.


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