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Lychnis miqueliana


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Lychnis miqueliana - Ours is a clone in brilliant orange. This marvelous campion arises on strong upright stems blooming for an extended period in summer. Foliage and stems are somewhat hirsute. New leaves are a dark bronze purple and expand, mature to medium-dark green. The leaves huddle together in fuzzy clumps, not at all rangy. Our original plants came from the esteemed plantsman, Russell Stafford of Odyssey Bulbs who prefers this species over L. cognata. We like L. cognata in its capacity of stems wending through perennial companions and/or the lower portions of shrubs filling in gaps and adding to the fullness of a garden, And its flowers are very nice; of course, you have to like orange. For the designing gardener it can be used in a different strategy over L. miqueliana. Site Lychnis miqueliana in full or nearly full sun in any decent well-draining garden soil. Thus far its been a very well-behaved campion for us. Seed grown.


8-10 In


6-8 In


Orange, Red


(4?)5 to 8(9?)
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Characteristics and Attributes for Lychnis miqueliana

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Summer


  • Mostly Sunny
  • Full Sun


  • Border
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Rock Garden
  • Accent

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Draining
  • Adaptable


  • Garden Origin

Propagated By

  • By Seed / Potted