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Arundo donax 'Variegata'

Giant Reed

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Arundo donax ‘Variegata’ – This is a beautifully variegated form of Giant Reed looking very much like an ornamental cow corn. We have determined it to be hardier than previously thought. It returns reliably here in USDA zone 5b planted in fertile moisture retaining soil. Our growing season is too short, however, to enjoy its plumes in late season though the beauty of the foliage more than makes up for the missing inflorescences. But further south, in zones (6b)7 to 9, its inflorescences will add 2’ to each stem’s ultimate height. The cream yellow broadly variegated blade edges lighten to white as the foliage ages. The gray-green in each leaf is touched with blue. Ours is a beautiful selection that retains its striking variegation throughout the summer in USDA zone 5. Furthermore, we believe this to be as good and maybe the same as the selection 'Peppermint Stick'. If purchased in autumn hefty and too-tall plants will have to be pruned down. Established potted Variegated Giant Reed from division.


8-10 ft
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Characteristics and Attributes for Arundo donax 'Variegata'

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / into Autumn


  • Mostly Sunny
  • Full Sun


  • Border
  • Natural Garden
  • Massing
  • Specimen

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Draining
  • Fertile


  • Mediterranean

Propagated By

  • Division