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Nymphaea odorata 'Helvola'

Hardy Water Lily

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Nymphaea odorata 'Helvola' - This is a true miniature with light yellow water lilies floating among small, medium green pads spotted and flecked with maroon. This miniature Hardy Water Lily blooms for an extended period right through the summer. Each lovely little blossom measures 2 to just over 2 inches in diameter set above commensurately-sized round leaves. Perfect for the small pond or the tubbed water garden 'Helvola' will delight. You may plant 'Helvola' in as few as 3 inches up to 20 inches of water but we recommend no deeper. If planted shallowly be sure to check your water levels with great frequency so your prized plant remains submerged. Though said to not be particular about soil we find that sandy loam is best. And in the container best to place half a handful of slow release fertilizer is at the root zone under the surface of the strata (not in direct contact with the water in the container so as to not increase the chance of feeding an algae bloom). Full sun. Bare root division will arrive moist, vibrant and ready for planting. Will not ship until May-ish.


6-30 in


24-36 in


Pale Yellow

Characteristics and Attributes for Nymphaea odorata 'Helvola'

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Summer

Nature Attraction

  • Honey Bees & Native Bees


  • Full Sun


  • Container
  • Accent
  • Small / Miniature
  • Specimen

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Fertile


  • Garden Origin

Propagated By

  • Division
  • Bare Root