Hibiscus dasycalyx

Neches River Rosemallow

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Hibiscus dasycalyx (ex: Jonathan Lehrer) –  This is the very rare and endangered Neches River Rosemallow, an endemic to East Texas. Beautiful four-inch hibiscus flowers are composed of 5 overlapping petals forming a wide open bowl. Most are white but occasionally a pink proudly arises, all with a deep red-burgundy eye. Flowering may occur for months – essentially June to October if moisture is plentiful. T-shaped leaves with three narrow lobes emerge red-purple and mature medium-dark green on green stalks that may attain heights ranging from 3 to 7 feet. Large, coarse, rustic seed pods remain on stems until November adding to the rich palette of autumn interest in this glorious season. And the stems may retain some red coloration as well. At the time of this writing there are but three populations still existing naturally. Three others have been habituated. Also known as Narrow-leaved Hibiscus, this extraordinary herbaceous perennial thrives in constantly moist to wet environs such as flood plains, swamp and where the substrata is always wet, i.e. situations where groundwater is a constant 5 feet or less below the soil surface but, apparently, never more than 5 feet. H. dasycalyx hybridizes easily with H. laevis and there are crosses which have been made with H. coccineus. This ease of crossing may make it more difficult to maintain pure genetic populations. Cutting grown. Please... Let's keep this beauty going...


48-60 in


24-36 in


Medium Pink, White with Purple Eye

Characteristics and Attributes for Hibiscus dasycalyx

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Summer

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / into Autumn

Autumn Interest

  • Fruit / Berries / Seed Heads
  • Autumn Leaf Color

Nature Attraction

  • Butterflies
  • Honey Bees & Native Bees


  • Full Sun


  • Massing
  • Collector Plant
  • Specimen
  • Natural Garden
  • Marginal

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Moderately Fast


  • Fertile
  • Humus Laden
  • Organic
  • Wet
  • Moist


  • Texas

Propagated By

  • Cutting Grown
  • Division