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Actaea simplex 'Variegata'


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Actaea simplex ‘Variegata’ (ex: Hinkley, form. Cimicifuga) – With all foliage abundantly splashed with white, it is a genetically stable cultivar that we first acquired from the original Heronswood Nursery that had been in Washington state. The foliage may grow to 3’ with flower spikes ascending to 5’ or more in optimum conditions. Small pearly buds open on typical white racemes looking every bit like attractive bottlebrushes. This rare plant blooms mid-late summer at Quackin’ Grass. The variegated Kamtschatka Bugbane is a knockout in part shade planted in fertile draining soil. Mix well a handful of lime in the planting hole. Folks, this is not the easiest of Bugbanes... a mix of sun and shade is mandatory and even then it may not thrive. But if you can make it happen it's a stunner. If you have had good experience with the straight species then this will be a good bet for you. If you have not had hands on experience with the straight green species then we recommend you attempt the less expensive version first. If ordered in autumn it also may be wise that you hold off if you live at the northern end of the plant's winter temperature tolerance. Taxonomists have now grouped the Cimicifuga with Actaea... we still use Cimicifuga amongst ourselves at the nursery just because we like that way it rolls off the tongue! Pot grown division.



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CIMISIVA Actaea simplex 'Variegata' (5 inch Square x 6 inch Tall - true 2 quarts / 1.8927 liters) $40.00 Sold Out

Characteristics and Attributes for Actaea simplex 'Variegata'

Season of Interest (Flowering)

  • Late Summer

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / into Autumn

Nature Attraction

  • Deer Resistant


  • Sun Tolerant
  • Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade
  • Mostly Sunny


  • Border
  • Specimen

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Draining
  • Fertile


  • Russia

Propagated By

  • Division