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Fargesia nitida 'Juizhaigou'

Red Fountain Bamboo

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Fargesia nitida ‘Juizhaigou’ – the Red Fountain Bamboo with narrow leaves over dark red-purple culms is an especially refined and beautiful bamboo. The oldest stems fade to dull yellow. This is a strong, fairly fast upright grower with dull, matte-finished blades which is typical for all Fargesia nitida selections. There are those in the industry who are claiming that ‘Juizhaigou’ is a new generation plant; that being the case it will outlive most of us. In the north spring planting is strongly recommended. Clumping. Division.


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Characteristics and Attributes for Fargesia nitida 'Juizhaigou'

Season of Interest (Foliage)

  • Spring / Summer / Autumn

Interesting Bark

  • Colored

Nature Attraction

  • Deer Resistant


  • Morning Sun / Afternoon Shade
  • Shade Tolerant
  • Dappled Shade


  • Woodland
  • Border
  • Massing
  • Screen
  • Specimen

Growth Rate in the Garden

  • Medium


  • Fertile
  • Moist
  • Acid

Propagated By

  • Division

Genus Overview: Fargesia

Fargesia is a genus of honest-to-goodness clumping bamboos. They are elegant in breezes, beautiful as specimens and can make a soft, plush refined hedge or screen. Evergreen in milder climates they lose their foliage here in USDA zone 5b. Though they do unfurl some leaves during mild spells in winter – where there were bare stems suddenly there are green blades as if having arrived by magic, surprising and heart warming, pointing in the direction of things to come. Some morning sun is tolerated, dappled conditions are excellent, but protection from afternoon sun is advised for most. Fertile, draining soils that are neutral to modestly acid on the Ph scale are fundamental. Organic mulches of chopped leaves or wood chips are a definite benefit. Planting Fargesia near asphalt or cement walkways or roads may or may not be an issue but best to err on the side of caution. The running bamboos can and will become a problem when planted adjacent to tar, cement, stone work or rubber EPDM liners holding water in a man-made pool. All of the following offerings are divisions of our stock plants.